We are inviting you to submit your film/s to our online festival for potential screening. We want to provide a platform for new filmmakers to exhibit their work. We are offering this now as a free service.

We are asking for stories about work and workers, giving priority to their points of view of the world.

We screen an array of films that document the social, political, and cultural aspects of working life, and the wider communities in which workers belong.

You can send shorts or features to us:

Shorts – up to 26 minutes long (documentary or fiction)

Features – over 52 minutes long (documentary or fiction)

Our platform is global in scope, staying true to the spirit of internationalism. Our attempt is to promote the struggles and every-day lives of workers across the planet. This platform is a chance for the public to be exposed to under-represented and side-lined issues in the world of work, and for those filmmakers whose focus is on the grass-roots – and the daily struggles and wonders of working-class life – to achieve some of the recognition they deserve. We want to do more than just raise consciousness – we want to help mobilise action.

We look forward to sharing this space with you. Please send us your film for viewing.