Labor film festivals celebrate the art of film and it’s certainly true that at labour film festivals you’ll find movies that will entertain you, make you laugh, and make you cry. They’ll also bring you out of the theatre angry and determined to do something to change the world. That’s a difference worth celebrating and continuing to spread around the world.

Chris Garlock

Washington DC Labor film festival organiser

Hello, and welcome to the London Labour Film Festival!

Since 2012, thousands of you have witnessed nearly one hundred films dedicated to the documentation, analysis, and celebration of the lives of the majority of the world’s population: the working class.  We’re excited to announce that the LLFF is back and it’s coming directly to your homes with our eagerly anticipated online platform.

This isn’t to say that we are abandoning cinemas altogether, far from it, we are cinephiles, but we are focussing our efforts and resources this year on building our online festival. This we hope will mean that more people can access the festival and we can build bigger audiences both online and offline to come together to celebrate labour cinema.

We aim to present the finest documentaries and fictional films from British and International filmmakers with the broad theme of work and workers. We are inviting filmmakers to send in their films for screening, we hope to provide a platform for them to screen their work.

The festival has gratefully been sponsored since its inception by our union brothers and sisters in Unite, Unison, TUC, FBU, PFA, FEU (NUJ, BECTU, EQUITY), PCS, The Workers beer Company and Bookmarks.

Labour cinema is not restricted by genre. Every film can be distinct, but they can also share that common theme: how labour issues affect us all as a society.

We hope you can join us, as we take the LLFF online.

See you there.

Anna Burton and the rest of the LLFF team