International Contest 2017 - Rules — London Labour Film Festival



Our Labour Film Festivals (London and North West) are festivals about work and working class life. We celebrate national and international cinema with the dual objective of recognizing and supporting new filmmakers and improving knowledge and understanding of social and labour issues to a wide and diverse public. The festival seeks to encourage creativity and support the dissemination of audiovisual works containing stories about work and workers, favoring their point of view on social issues affecting their daily lives, and the lives of the communities to which they belong. The festival is supported by the TUC and many of its affiliates.

Article I. Goals.

Our Labour Film Festivals are members of the Global Labor Film Festival (organised by

The Labour Film Festival International Contest 2017’s main objective is to promote creativity and support the production of audiovisual works whose content is about the world of work and the workers, granting them a means for their exhibition and dissemination. Our objective is to promote audiovisual works whose content leads to the dissemination and/or promotes the work culture in all its dimensions and the social impact related to the sectors/industries. Workers are of special interest, alongside the social context of their daily lives.

Article II: Eligibility of the material.

(I) As to their content, the works to be submitted must tell stories related to the world of workers. Within this broad theme, by way of example, the four themes on which the spirit of the festival is built

People: Stories of life where the protagonists are the workers themselves. Journeys through their lives and their dreams through intimate stories that explore the contribution of each individual, their work or project, their society and community.

Education: Training contributes to improving opportunity and quality of life. Films that are designed to educate through entertainment. Innovative formats that show education as a fundamental piece of individual progress to/and of society as a whole.

Industry: The meeting point between technological and human resources. On this axis the role of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial activity, scientific and technological advancement, the participation of the state, the union role and human capital. The development of the industry as a way towards the future of work.Social dimension: A fundamental pillar in the building of a better society. We understand the social aspect as the basis on which better societies must be built.

Social dimension: A fundamental pillar in the building of a better society. We understand the social aspect as the basis on which better societies must be built.

Topics such as: solidarity, environmental awareness, sustainability, care of the planet in which we live, rights in the workplace, gender equality,  inclusion, child labour, forced labour, migrant labour, disability and work, social protection/systems, amongst other topics, are valid themes to apply for the contest.

Those works that do not include in their content the labour issue in any of its forms will not be included in the contest.
(Ii) Works registered in the contest may not be unpublished.
(Iii) At the time of the shortlist, the material must comply with the technical requirements
Stated in Article VI: Presentation of the material, item (ii).
(Iv) Works will be accepted in all languages, provided they have subtitles in English. See details about language treatment in Article VI: Presentation of the material.
(V) Only works carried out from 01/01/2014 inclusive will be accepted.
(Vi) Works that offend the integrity of individuals or institutions as well as groups will not be accepted.
Those that are in any way discriminatory or violate ethical codes and that contain scenes of sex and explicit violence, or that they violate in any way the morals of our society.
(Vii) Registration in this competition in the category International Competition of Short Films. Both fiction and documentary, implies the acceptance of the same.
The above prerogatives do not apply to any of the Sections included in the category feature films.
Article III Participants:
2.1 The contest shorts and feature films may involve individuals (students of college and/or university degrees as well as independent filmmakers) and/or team of people
Legal basis.
2.2 Participants must be 18 years or older.
Article IV. Requirements
1. The contest of short films will be divided into 2 categories.
A) ‘Short documentary’: documentary short films of up to 26 minutes of any duration from the UK
B) ‘Short Fiction’: short fiction of up to 26 minutes from any country.
2. The competition of feature films will be divided into 3 categories:
(A) ‘International documentary feature’ means documentary films of equal or greater duration 52 minutes whatever the country of origin.
(B) ‘International fiction feature film’ means fiction feature films of a duration equal to or greater than 52 minutes whatever the country of origin.
(C) ‘National Feature Film’ means documentary or fiction feature films whose director is of British nationality and they have been filmed entirely in UK, lasting equal to or greater than 52 minutes.

Article IV. Requirements
Dates: contest opens for 10 weeks 20/8/2017  20/10/17
In all cases the presentation expires at 00:00 GMT UK on the closing day.
Article V.- Registration.
Registration is free. Multiple entries will be accepted from the same participant provided they are sent separately for each work presented.
To register, participants must:
(I) Complete the online registration form exclusively at either one of these destinations: or
(Ii) To send the audiovisual material in the conditions described in clause VI:
Presentation of the material.
Entries that are not entered through the two options described above will not be accepted. You can complete the registration form with all your personal data and the complete technical file of the work that must include: film link with username and password, title of the work, genre, category, duration, synopsis of up to 200 words and any other technical data requested on the form.
Labour Film Festival International contest 2017 will not be responsible for errors or losses or the receipt of the information sent by the participant.
Article VI. Presentation of the material.
(I) Title (Ii) Participants must provide a viewing link in the highest possible quality on YouTube or Vimeo with username/passwords. For works whose original language is not in English the same must have subtitles or dubbing in English, only for this stage will we accept works whose original language is English or with subtitles or dubbing in English.
(Iii) Short-listed
The works that are preselected or shortlisted must send:
1) Link with two photos of the work in high quality plus a photo of the director.
2) Link to the material for projection
B) Format: mov or mp4
C) Bit rate: minimum 20 Mbit / s Constant bit rate or greater
D) Format: FULL HD 1080 50i or 1080 25p or 1080 60i or 1080 30p
E) AUDIO STEREO CHANNEL 2: 1 & 2 Stereo full MIX
G) Materials whose original language of audio is English can be sent without subtitles
Materials whose original language is not English must have subtitles in English.
The material must be presented clean, without water marks etc (ready for screening)
Article VII: Juries, Selection Process and Awards
The jury will consist of at least 3 (three) outstanding personalities in the Industry. All the processes of shortlisting and selection of winners will be over seen by the festival team.
The process of choosing winners will have two rounds: 1) short-list and 2) final selection of winners.
3 winners will be chosen for each category of short film, in the following order:

3 winners will be chosen for each category of feature film, in the following order:
The jurors will carry out the selection process following two criteria: STORY and PRODUCTION VALUES
Story: it will be taken into account that the works really describe an experience, situation or experience in the world of work, and that the narrative reflects that culture
Production: it will be taken into account that the contestant has used the most appropriate approach and technical resources to tell the story.
The jury’s decision is final.
The selected short films will be uploaded to the youtube channel of the festival, where the public can vote.
The short film (regardless of the category to which it belongs) the “likes” obtained will be awarded the VOTE OF THE PUBLIC PRIZE. The voting period of the public will begin 1st November 2017 and finish on the 9th November 2017 at 00:00 hours GMT. Only the interactions of the public recorded within that period will be counted.
The results of each and every one of the instances will be announced via e-mail to the participants.
All results will be announced to the general public through their social media and other channels

CASH PRIZE. Short films and feature films in the category of FIRST POSITION will be credited with a cash prize and statue as previously outlined.

In terms of short films the winner of each winning work will be awarded a statuette “LABOUR FILM FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL CONTEST 2017 – WINNER SHORT AND FEATURE CONTEST’, according to the position obtained and the contest category. The same will be given to each winner by any mail system to be determined by the organisation to the address that the winner has timely informed in the application for registration. We/the sponsors reserve the right to organise a face-to-face event, should this happen the winners will be informed well in advance and will coordinate with each of them the Individuals details.
Only 1 statue per work will be delivered regardless of the number of people who have been involved in the production or that the same has been done through a co-production involving 2 or more persons.
The inscription plate of the statuette will only contain: Title of the work – Category and position obtained and name of the contest, the names of individual persons will not be included.
Participation in the work.
Article V II I. Right of use and responsibility.
All the participants agree at the moment of entering the contest to be the exclusive holders of the copyright, without violating rights of third parties.
At the time of entering the contest, the participants, whether these individuals or legal entities, automatically authorise the organiser and its sponsors to use, in full
expressly, irrevocably, without any charge, the use of the name, image and
photographs, files and / or digital media, as well as posters, films and / or spots, jingles and/or any type of media and/or promotional pieces, including in television, radio, newspapers, posters, mailings, for the wide dissemination of this contest and its subsequent editions.
At the time of enrollment, the participant also guarantees that the program (s) presented in the contest are free from all claims of authors, actors, interpreters, management companies,

By virtue of what is stated in the previous section, the participant will assume and assume all the costs of defending any judicial or extrajudicial claim against the organiser based on the marketing, distribution, reproduction, use and/or disposal of films or part thereof, in the state in which it has been delivered by the participant, results contrary to contracting, authorisations, trade, professional and/or collective labour agreements, which the participant has obtained – for the accomplishment of the same, the participant must assume all the expenses, costs and costs in the event of a court judgment charge the Organiser for such matters.
The Participant will be responsible for the content and form of each of the programs that it presents in the contest, ensuring that they do not violate the right to privacy, privacy or any other rule imposed by the corresponding control authorities, assuming the full participant liability for damages and losses that may result from their use and display and shall be obliged to keep the Organiser harmless for any claim that may arise from the presented.
Assignment of rights over Short Films
All winners and/or pre-selected short films give the Organiser the rights to use, reproduce, exhibit and any other purpose and application that was given to the work for the duration of the film festival and in the subsequent year.
All pre-selected participants and/or winners of feature films yield to the ORGANISER the rights of exhibition of the work during the course of the London Labour Film Festival and the North West Labour Film Festivals 2017. The choice of location such as where the works will be projected will be determined by the ORGANISER, in its sole discretion.
This regulation shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with UK law.

Article IX. Sponsors. Authorisation.
PARTICIPANTS of short films know and accept that short films that are awarded will become part of the database of the Global Labor Film Festival – hereinafter GLFF participating, also and automatically of the contests and/or festivals and audiovisual groups International and national that were related to the theme of this contest.
Article X. Acceptance of terms and conditions.
The sole participation in the contest implies the full acceptance of the present basis and conditions. All can be read and downloaded from the website and
The organisers of the contest reserve the right to modify the deadlines and the established dates as well as the details of the prizes and their delivery.