International Contest 2017 - Themes — London Labour Film Festival


The works to be completed must tell stories related to the world of work and of the workers and their lives.

By way of example, below are four important themes and pillars from which to consider the ‘labour’ theme.
Life stories where the protagonists are the workers themselves. Stories about their lives and their dreams told through intimate stories that show the contribution of each individual to their work or a project related to work and/or their place in the society or communties to which they belong.

Training contributes to improving opportunity and quality of life. Content designed to educate that is entertaining and/or uses innovative formats that highlight education as a fundamental pillar of progression in society as a whole.

The industry is the meeting place between technology and human resources. On this axis the role of entrepreneurship,  scientific and technological advancement, participation of the state, the union role and human capital are evidenced. The development of industry, as path to the future of work.

A fundamental pillar in the construction of a country is that we understand that our social system is the foundation upon which better societies must be built. Issues such as solidarity, environmental awareness, sustainability, housing and the care of the planet in which we live in, fundamental rights in the workplace, gender equality, inclusion, child labour, forced labour, migrant labour, disability and work, and social protection among other issues. These are all valid themes to apply for the contest.